How will international talent help my business?

Emerging markets around the world are becoming increasingly important to the world economy. China for example, currently the world's second largest economy with a GDP of $10 trillion, is estimated to grow to the largest economy as early as 2018.

There is also a Chinese market here in the USA. The United States has become a hub for Chinese inbound investment, and the growing number of international businesses, immigrants, students and travelers has created a substantial global market locally.
Qualified international hires will have the language skills, international connections, and cultural experience to help your company succeed in the global economy.

Why is China important to U.S. businesses?

*China is the world's second largest economy and still growing at an annual rate larger than any other comparable advanced economy.
*Last year China exported over $1 trillion dollars of capital.
*China's GDP has grown at an average rate of some 12% per year over past 30 years.
*China has a GDP of $10 trillion, which is now the world's second largest economy, second only to that of the U.S.
*China is a rapidly evolving economic and Global Trade super power.
*China offers a huge broad-based market for American products, services and technologies.
*China is a major source of capital investment which will increasingly impact the breadth and depth of American industries which will both directly or indirectly face business opportunities and challenges from a rising China.

Should I hire a Chinese OPT intern?

You can benefit from hiring an eligible and fully qualified bi-lingual (English & Chinese) U.S. educated intern who can

*Connect you to the Chinese market,
*Help tap China's massive capital flows,
*Bring a range of top-flight, quick-start technical skills
*Add diversity and new creativity to your workforce

It's an advantageous, innovative and beneficial business strategy offering immediate access to a broad value-added range of highly trained professional resources.

China Bridge + Top Level Skills

What can a bridge to China do for my company?

Leverage their language, country knowledge, connections, and education to:
*Develop or implement a China market-entry strategy
*Communicate with Chinese clients here in the US
*Perform market research
*Find and qualify potential Chinese business partners
*Develop business leads
*Negotiate deals with Chinese companies
*Develop foreign investment opportunities
*Handle communications to factories in China
*Act as bridge to Chinese capital flows
*Tap into the local $100 billion dollar Chinese student market

A Value Adding human resource: Some companies feel that a new graduate or intern doesn't add much value in the short run ... "you have to teach them everything."
However, if you consider the large Chinese student and immigrant market in the US plus the $10 trillion market in China, having a bilingual Chinese intern becomes an incredible resource.

How many Chinese students are studying in the US?

There is a total of over 300 thousand University and post-graduate Chinese students in the US.
The 300 thousand-plus total of Chinese students studying in US Colleges and Universities is stable because each year some 50,000 Chinese students come to the U.S. for undergraduate and graduate studies. In recent years, the number has increased annually, growing nearly 20% per year for the past five years.

What Other Strengths Do Bi-Lingual Chinese Graduates of a U.S. University Offer?

*They can also leverage quick-start skills - math, science, engineering, IT, and dozens of other disciplines - for both the short- and long-term.
*Many Chinese students excel in math and science, finance and accounting; others in art and design.
*There are some 150 thousand Chinese students presently studying at the graduate Masters and PhD levels at institutions of higher education throughout the U.S.
*Each year in the U.S. there are thousands of newly emerging graduate degree Chinese students at the Masters and PhD level who can offer a great and beneficial fit to a broad spectrum of U.S. Companies.